Barbour County Fair 2016


                        to the

41st Barbour County Fair

 Honoring Our Hometown Heroes                        

            August 27 ~ September 3                        

           2016 President’s Message

It is appropriate that the theme for the 2016 Barbour County Fair be “Honoring Hometown Heroes.”  Upon reflection of this theme, we don’t always recognize these heroes or realize their importance in our lives.  These persons work many hours in all kinds of weather and in some instances, not always the best conditions.

Our “Hometown Heroes” are members of the Law Enforcement, Emergency Squads, Fire Departments, Communications, Educators, and the US Armed Forces.  These are our heroes due to the specific roles they play in all of our lives.  Where would we be without the service of these dedicated citizens?

I believe we all have individual “Heroes.”  Special persons we look up to as role models, persons we go to for advice and counsel etc.  These individuals are known only to us and are our own “Special Heroes."

Enjoy the 2016 Barbour County Fair!

                                                                    -John Loyd

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